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Prof Dr Mehmet Demirhan

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Vol 48, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Mehmet Demirhan

Original Article

Relationship between range of motion and femoral rollback in total knee arthroplasty PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Lúcio Honório de Carvalho Jr, Eduardo Frois Temponi, Luiz Fernando Machado Soares, Matheus Jacques Braga Gonçalves
Versajet hydrosurgery system in the debridement of skin necrosis after Ca gluconate extravasation: report of 9 infantile cases PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Nazan Sivrioglu, Saime Irkoren
Effects of Aircast brace and elastic bandage on physical performance of athletes after ankle injuries PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Sevtap Gunay, Ayse Karaduman, Burcu Bahar Ozturk
Distribution and evaluation of bone and soft tissue tumors in the middle Black Sea Region PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Nevzat Dabak, Alper Cirakli, Birol Gulman, Mustafa Bekir Selcuk, Sancar Baris
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty: radiological and clinical short–term results PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Ata Can Atalar, Ahmet Salduz, Hilal Cil, Mustafa Sungur, Derya Celik, Mehmet Demirhan
Use of femoral nail with spiral blade in subtrochanteric fractures PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Masood Umer, Haroon Rashid, Idrees Shah, Irfan Qadir
Normal hip, knee and ankle range of motion in the Turkish population PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Hasan Hallaceli, Vedat Uruc, Halil Hakan Uysal, Raif Ozden, Cigdem Hallaceli, Ferhan Soyuer, Tuba Ince Parpucu, Erhan Yengil, Ugur Cavlak
Differences in body fat mass, muscular endurance, coordination and proprioception in woman with and without knee pain: a cross-sectional study PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Derya Ozer Kaya, Irem Duzgun, Gul Baltaci
An assessment of sleep quality in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty before and after surgery PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Mehmet Serhan Er, Elif Cihan Altinel, Levent Altinel, Recep Abdullah Erten, Mehmet Eroglu
Aggressive fibromatosis: evaluation of prognostic factors and outcomes of surgical treatment PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Levent Kucuk, Burcin Kececi, Dundar Sabah, Guven Yuceturk
Middle-term therapeutic effect of the sacroiliac joint blockade in patients with lumbosacral fusion-related sacroiliac pain PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Nihal Buker, Semih Akkaya, Oguzhan Gokalp, Ali Kitis, Raziye Savkin, A. Esat Kiter
Association between attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and Perthes disease PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Ismail Turkmen, Oguz Poyanli, Koray Unay, Bahattin Kemah, Kaya Akan, Semra Ulusan
A comparison of epidural analgesia and local infiltration analgesia methods in pain control following total knee arthroplasty PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Eylem Binici Bedir, Tuhan Kurtulmus, Selma Basyigit, Ugur Bakir, Necdet Saglam, Gursel Saka
Effects of two different solutions used in pin site care on the development of infection PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Rahsan Cam, Fatma Demir Korkmaz, Sevki Oner Savk

Experimental Study

Efficacy of 5-Fluorouracil in inhibition of unintended bone formation in spinal surgery: a histological evaluation on a rat model of spontaneous spinal fusion PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Esat Kiter, Ertan Er, Nilay Sen Turk, Murat Oto, Semih Akkaya
The efficacy of the hemostatic agent Ankaferd blood stopper on end-to-end unilateral sleeve fish-mouth anastomosis PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Aysin Karasoy Yesilada, Serdar Bora Bayraktaroglu, Kamuran Zeynep Sevim, Damlanur Sakiz, H. Soner Tatlidede

Case Report

A case of osteoid osteoma in the distal radius epiphysis with atypical onset PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Alper Deveci, Ahmet Firat, Murat Bozkurt, Sema Hucumenoglu
Bipolar dislocation of the forearm (floating forearm) PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
Huseyin Askar, Cemil Erturk, Mehmet Akif Altay, Ali Bilge
An unusual complication following total hip arthroplasty: median circumflex femoral artery pseudoaneurysm PDF (TR) (Türkçe) PDF (EN)
Serhat Mutlu, Olcay Guler, Adem Ucar, Mahir Mahirogullari

Historical Overview

Orhan Abdi (Kurtaran) (1877-1948) and chapters related to orthopedic surgery in Ameliyât-ı Cerrâhiye [Operative Surgery] in its centennial PDF (EN) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
A. Erdem Bagatur, Hamit Toprak

CME Credit Questionnaire

CME Credit Questionnaire PDF (Türkçe) PDF (TR) (Türkçe)
. .

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