Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica

A calcaneal stress fracture after a football game

AOTT 1993; 27: 285-286
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In recent years there is an increase in making sports on hard grounded carpet based areas. In this paper a case of calcaneus fracture following a football game which was performed on such an area which dimensions 12x24m. is presented. A 31 years old man leading a sedentary life style and very rarely playing sport games was seen in our out-patient clinic because of a right heel pain. His pain started following a football game which he played for only. 40 minutes, but he stated the ground was concrete covered with carpets. His pain increased with activity and relieved with rest. Physical examination revealed swelling and edema on the right heel and palpation of the calcaneous bone was sensitive. Rutin hematologic and biochemical analysis and ESR were in normal limits, including the rheumatological tests. X-ray graphy of the calcaneus bone disclosed a stress fracture, computensed tomography and late-Phase Tecnesium-99 diphosphate scintigraphy confirmed the diagnosis. Stress fracture of the calcaneus bone after one term of football game played on a hard ground is interesting, because this case report emphasizes the importance of hard ground, i. e. asphalt or concrete, on the occurrence of stress fractures even if the time of contact with the ground is short


Ülkemizde son yıllarda. küçük halı sahalarda futbol maçları çok yaygınlaşmıştır. Sert zemin üzerinde oynanan bir futbol macı sonrası oluşan calcaneus stress kırığı vakasını sunuyoruz. Kanımızca uzun ve tekrarlayıcı fizik aktiviteler olmaksızın sadece 40 dakikalık bir maç sonrasında strees kırığı oluşması küçük halı sahaların sert zeminiyle ilişkilidir.

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