Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica

Modular cementless prosthetic reconstruction after resection of lower extremity malignant tumor

AOTT 2016; 50: 674-680
DOI: 10.1016/j.aott.2016.05.004
Read: 819 Downloads: 540 Published: 07 February 2020

Introduction: The aim of the study is to report the preliminary clinical and functional outcomes of a modular cementless tumor resection prosthesis system (Megasystem-C®, Waldemar Link GmbH&Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany) in patients undergoing limb salvage surgery with wide resection in a lower extremity primary or metastatic malignant bone tumor.

Material and methods: Fifty-two consecutive patients (33 male and 19 female; mean age 37.1 years (range, 16 to 79) with primary or metastatic lower extremity malignant bone tumor who underwent wide resection and reconstruction with cementless Megasystem-C® system were included in the study. Patients were analyzed for age at diagnosis, gender, type and localization of the tumor, time of follow-up, patient and prosthesis survival, complications, oncological and functional outcomes.

Results: Mean follow-up time was 43.2 months (range, 8 to 66). Cumulative patient survival rate was 92.3 percent and cumulative prosthetic survival rate was 65.4 percent. 18 complications were recorded and 9 of them required revision (17.3 percent). Mean overall Musculoskeletal Tumor Society score score was 72.7 percent (range, 52 to 86). Subgroup analyzes demonstrated no difference in complication rates, overall patient or prosthetic survivals. Functional scores according to age, diagnosis and location of the reconstruction also were not significantly different.

Conclusion: The preliminary short-term follow-up results revealed that, the new generation modular cementless endoprosthetic system offers promising clinical and functional outcomes with reasonable complication rates.

Level of evidence: Level IV, Therapeutic study

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