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Results of conservative treatment of displaced midclavicular fractures in adults

Sinan Karaoglu, Fuat Duygulu, Sevki Kabak, Ali Baktir

(AOTT 2002; 36: 7-11)

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Comparison of the effects of NG-monomethyl-L-arginine and indomethacin on tuberculous arthritis: an experimental study in rats

Sevki Kabak, Mehmet Halici, Birkan Yakan, Recep Kutlubay, Mustafa Kula

(AOTT 2002; 36: 155-161)

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Neonatal septic arthritis

Sevki Kabak, Mehmet Halici, Huseyin Per, Cemil Yildirim Turk

(AOTT 2001; 35: 208-212)

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