Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica

Two cases treated by custom made vitallium prosthesis

AOTT 1975; 9: 29-39
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The orthroplasty cases which has been made by using a custom made prosthesis are rarely encountred in the literature. The purpose of this report is the addition two more cases on this subject. One of our cases is complete lost of proximal part of the left humerus to gun shot injury. The other case is a giant cell tumor, located at the left distal humeral condyles which showed recurrence several times. Both cases improved the ability of motion of their extremities, in a short time after application of custom-made prosthesis. No complication was observed during postoperative periods which are four months tor the first and nine months for the first and nine months for the second.
Ekstremitelerin uzun kemiklerinde, eklem yüzeylerini de kapsayarak, oluşan geniş kemik defektlerinde, hem defekti onarmak, hem de eklemin artroplastisini gerçekleştirmek, organı fonksiyonel duruma getirmek ideal olan bir görüştür. Bu ideal görüşü gerçekleştirmek için, iki vakamızda özel imal ettirmiş olduğumuz vitalfium protezleri uy;guladık. Fonksiyonel yönden arzuladığımız sonucu almış olduğumuza inanmaktayım.
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