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Evaluation of shoulder and elbow functions after treatment of humeral shaft fractures:

Ahmet Fırat, Alper Deveci, Ferhat Guler, Ali Ocguder, Temel Oguz, Murat Bozkurt

(AOTT 2012; 46: 229-236) DOI: 10.3944/AOTT.2012.2486

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Effects of custommade insole on gait pattern of patients with unilateral displaced intraarticular calcaneal fracture: evaluation with computerized gait analysis

Ali Ocguder, Haydar Gok, Cengiz Heycan, Osman Tecimel, Ergin Tonuk, Murat Bozkurt

(AOTT 2012; 46: 1-7) DOI: 10.3944/AOTT.2012.2401

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Free coracoacromial ligament graft for augmentation of massive rotator cuff tears treated with miniopen repair

Bulent Bektaser, Ali Ocguder, Sukru Solak, Emel Gonen, Nadir Yalcin, Kasim Kilicarslan

(AOTT 2010; 44: 426-430) DOI: 10.3944/AOTT.2010.2423

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