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Traumatic obturator hip dislocation in a fiveyearold boy: open reduction after a sixweek delay in diagnosis

Mehmet Albayrak, Ahmet Dogan, Y. Bilge Surel

(AOTT 2006; 40: 260-263)

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Is sufficient femoral head coverage obtained after Pemberton’s pericapsular osteotomy Evaluation by threedimensional computed tomographic reconstruction

A. Erdem Bagatur, Gazi Zorer, Y. Bilge Surel

(AOTT 2002; 36: 203-210)

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Fracture healing and the importance of periost

Y. Bilge Surel, Gazi Zorer, Serdal Ugurlu

(AOTT 1996; 30: 417-422)

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