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The effect of abductor hallucis tendon release on residual adductus deformity in the surgical treatment of congenital clubfoot

Ahmet Dogan, Onat Uzumcugil, Merter Yalcinkaya, Gazi Zorer

(AOTT 2009; 43: 491-496) DOI: 10.3944/AOTT.2009.491

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Treatment of acetabular dysplasia by triple pelvic osteotomy and its shortterm results

Ahmet Dogan, Gazi Zorer, Utku Erdem Ozer

(AOTT 2007; 41: 355-366)

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The results of calcaneal lengthening osteotomy for the treatment of flexible pes planovalgus and evaluation of alignment of the foot

Ahmet Dogan, Mehmet Albayrak, Y.Emre Akman, Gazi Zorer

(AOTT 2006; 40: 356-366)

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